Supporting Positive Behaviour Cultures Around the Globe

Supporting Positive Behaviour Cultures Around the Globe

Team Teach is a leading provider of Positive Behaviour Support Training for teachers! Trusted in over 13,000 settings worldwide including the UK, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia.

Our training will help reduce disruption in your classrooms as well as support the creation of positive behaviour cultures within your school or setting.

Team Teach is one of Britain’s leading providers of Positive Behaviour Support Training for teachers, being used in over 13,000 settings around the world.

Our training will help reduce disruption in your classrooms as well as support the creation of positive behaviour cultures.

Why Use Team Teach as an International School?

Our approach to behaviour support equips your teachers with a new understanding of behaviour as a form of communication. It provides teachers with a toolkit of skills and strategies which equip staff with the tools they need to understand behaviour, foster consistent staff behaviour & responses, and help reduce crisis incidents. Our courses will help you to:

  • create a positive behaviour culture in your school or setting
  • ensure teachers and staff are confident in the latest approaches to behaviour
  • reduce classroom or workplace disruptions

In some cases, Team Teach will also provide advanced training in the use of safe, risk assessed physical intervention techniques. The foundation of our training is 95% understanding and de-escalation, with only 5% focused on any physical intervention and only when risk is assessed as necessary as we believe through our training you can reduce or eliminate the need for any physical intervention.

Upcoming International Team Teach Courses in 2024

Fill out the form below if you would like your organisation to attend one of these public course, or if you would like us to arrange separate private training for your organisation.

Please get in touch with Dan Chesterman, International Business Development Director any time to find out more.

Team Teach Trainer Course

Our training provides you with a toolkit of strategies you can rely on, and promotes respect, teamwork, personal safety, preventative skills and de-escalation.

Our courses train your teachers to become Team Teach trainers, enabling them to pass on the training to other members of staff as a cost-effective way to upskill your staff and level up your own in-house training and CPD while creating consistent ‘whole school’ approaches to behaviour.

All our training is customised and tailored to your school, to help meet the needs of your students and staff.

Your certification:

Once you’ve successfully completed the 5-day course, you’ll be equipped and certified to deliver both our Level One – 6Hour and Level Two – 12 Hour Positive Behaviour training courses.

Your Intermediate Certification in Positive Behaviour training gives you a training license valid for 12 months.

With this course attendees will be trained to become Team Teach trainers themselves. Having your own in-house Team Teach trainer is a cost-effective way to upskill all your staff and level up your training and CPD while creating a consistent organisational approach to behaviour.

Team Teach training is used in 25 countries throughout the world.

Our team have years of experience working with international schools and education settings. Many have been senior leaders and head teachers themselves, so they can best advise you on the right training and support to reduce disruptions to learning, empower your staff and help you build a long-lasting positive behaviour culture in your setting.

Our accessible courses are available in-person and online, as public and private courses.

Public Courses

Our public courses are scheduled by us throughout the year and are hosted in public venues and open for anyone to join. For these events spaces are limited.

Private Courses

Private courses are available for you to book and are held within your setting or a venue of your choice. These programmes can be specifically tailored to your setting.

We’re dedicated to improving the lives and outcomes of the people our training supports.

“Team Teach have been a wonderful resource for King’s College International School Wuxi and Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science, in our attempt to equip all staff members with a consistent, fair and restorative toolkit through a comprehensive Positive Behaviour Management approach that is highly respected in its field.”

– Adela Rujan, Head of Learning Support, Nanwai King’s College School

“What I really love is the fact that the course is about a school-wide ethos of student concern and how our actions can lead to a better environment for our students and in turn ourselves. It is a course about creating a cultural shift in our community rather than just classroom strategies.”

Mr Elhussein Elsharif, Pastoral Assistant Principal MHS, ACS International School Doha