Supporting Positive Behaviour Cultures Around the Globe

Supporting Positive Behaviour Cultures in International Schools

Would you like to improve your behaviour support strategies and help all your staff feel more confident and consistent in their approaches to student behaviour?

We can help.

With Team Teach training you’ll be able to develop your understanding of behaviour as communication, reduce interruptions to learning and help create a positive behaviour culture for all your students and staff to thrive.

Why choose Team Teach as an International School?

Accredited training you can trust – Team Teach is a leading accredited provider of Behaviour Support Training for schools and education settings. We help staff in over 13,000 settings, in over 25 different countries, including those in the UK, Middle East, South East Asia, Caribbean and Europe.

Our approach to behaviour support equips your staff with a new understanding of behaviour as a form of communication. It provides everyone with a toolkit of skills and strategies needed to understand behaviour, foster consistent staff behaviour & responses, and help reduce incidents. Our courses will help you to:

  • create a positive behaviour culture in your school or setting
  • ensure all your staff are confident in the latest approaches to behaviour
  • reduce interruptions to learning

“Team Teach have been a wonderful resource for King’s College International School Wuxi and Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science, in our attempt to equip all staff members with a consistent, fair and restorative toolkit through a comprehensive Behaviour Support approach that is highly respected in its field.”

– Adela Rujan, Head of Learning Support, Nanwai King’s College School

“What I really love is the fact that the course is about a school-wide ethos of student concern and how our actions can lead to a better environment for our students and in turn ourselves. It is a course about creating a cultural shift in our community rather than just classroom strategies.”

Mr Elhussein Elsharif, Pastoral Assistant Principal MHS, ACS International School Doha

Upcoming training courses for international schools in 2024

Join us for one of our in-person trainer courses in behaviour support this year!

This is one of our most popular courses for international schools with 3-day and 5-day attendance options available depending on your requirements.

With this course you’ll develop a wide range of de-escalation and intervention strategies and you will be fully trained to become a Team Teach trainer in behaviour support so you can deliver Team Teach training to colleagues within your organisation.

Having your own in-house Team Teach trainer offers you flexibility to choose when, where and who you deliver your training to throughout the year and it is also a cost-effective option for your organisation.

Becoming a Team Teach trainer:

Green tick

Choose from 3-day or 5-day attendance options depending on your needs

3-day attendance: Foundation Trainer Plus

What’s included?
You will be equipped to effectively support students who may engage in a range of behaviours that cause interruptions to learning, or impact others when feeling dysregulated. You will also learn low-level intervention skills to keep both students and staff safe (such as prompting and guiding and disengagements). And optional modules, supporting small children and separating fights are available depending on your requirements.

Your certification:
Once you’ve successfully completed the 3-day course, you’ll be equipped and certified to deliver our Level One – 6 Hour course including all the theoretical aspects and safety responses.

Your Foundation Trainer Plus certification gives you a training license valid for 12 months. A 1-day annual reaccreditation course is then required to remain certified.

5-day attendance: Intermediate Trainer

What’s included?
In addition to the content covered in our Foundation Trainer Plus course, we also provide you with an accredited framework of physical intervention skills.

Physical intervention skills include; low-level prompting and guiding, a wider range of disengagements and one and two person holding skills.

Your certification:
Once you’ve successfully completed the 5-day course, you’ll be equipped and certified to deliver both our Level One – 6 Hour and Level Two – 12 Hour Behaviour Support courses.

Your Intermediate Certification in Behaviour Support gives you a training license valid for 12 months. A 2-day annual reaccreditation course is then required to remain certified.

Take a look at upcoming course dates and venues:

Additional training courses available

Behaviour Support Training – Level One

You’ll learn how to safely and appropriately respond to behaviour from a toolkit of theoretical intervention methodologies. You’ll also learn simple and safe techniques including personal safety, prompts, guides and disengagements (if required by your setting). Our techniques are respectful, supportive and help you maintain positive relationships.

Behaviour Support Training – Level Two

In addition to the Level One course content, you’ll become confident in a range of guides, escorts and physical intervention techniques in standing, sitting and kneeling positions, safely, appropriate for your service setting needs. Our approach is focused on maximum care and respect, always aiming to reduce restraint and restriction.

Like to find out more about behaviour support?

If you’d like to find out more about a particular course or you’d like to arrange behaviour support training at your organisation please fill out and submit this short form and a member of our team will get in touch to help you.