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Family Engagement Training

Unlock the power of effective family and parental engagement in behaviour support.

Working effectively with parents and carers is a central part of a holistic approach to behaviour support. But we know this is something that many professionals find challenging, especially when talking about sensitive topics like behaviour.

Introducing a CPD-accredited, self-guided online training course that lets you learn from the comfort of your home or workplace.

The course empowers professionals working in schools, agencies, charities and organisations supporting children and young people with effective strategies for family and parental engagement and behaviour support.

With our Family Engagement Training you’ll gain all the knowledge and skills you need to build that essential shared understanding of behaviour as communication, and support families to develop effective strategies they can use at home, so every individual receives the best possible all-round support.

It also equips your families with access to the My Family Coach resources.

“It was a privilege to be part of this training. The content was tailored to ensure all trainees were confident in accessing and delivering information relevant to their setting. The trainer was fluent in sharing her knowledge and expertise and the sharing of her experiences made the training very easy to listen to and helped to bring things to life.

As a primary SEND school, we now plan to deliver workshops to families who are supporting children with complex behaviours at home. We plan to support parents by tailoring information from the course and working with parents to access the parental engagement tools and identifying useful resources relevant to them.

I would recommend the course as it provides structure and a theoretical perspective that can be presented in an accessible way to enable families to feel better able to support their children and strengthen their relationships.”

Behaviour support lead, England

Our CPD-accredited Family Engagement Training course is fully virtual, offering you complete flexibility to study at a time and place that suits you.

What This Course Will Teach You

Help the families of children and young people in your setting or service better understand and support their child’s behaviour at home.

This course will enable you to:

  • understand the challenges and opportunities when working with families, including barriers to communication, negative perceptions, and ways to increase parent/carer engagement
  • understand the Team Teach approach and how it can help families understand and support their child’s behaviour
  • identify next steps for improving accessibility to information and consider the effectiveness of current engagement strategies for supporting children’s behaviour
  • successfully facilitate family workshops with parents and carers, using My Family Coach supporting resources, underpinned by the Team Teach philosophy and approach to behaviour.

Our online Family Engagement training course is suitable for any professional working with parents and carers, in education and health and social care settings. 

This course is also suitable for senior leaders, social workers or agencies looking to develop parental engagement and behaviour support for families at an organisational level. 

We recommend that course participants already have Team Teach Level One certification as this course builds on the Team Teach methodology. However, we understand that this may not be possible for all participants. If you do not have current Team Teach training, we recommend spending extra time to become familiar with the models and language used. 

This training explores the challenges and opportunities faced when working with families and how to create an effective programme of support. This includes a Family Workshop package, My Family Coach resources, and the My Family Journal app, that can be used for ongoing family engagement. This creates a shared understanding of behaviour as communication and supports families with effective strategies they can use at home.

The training covers a range of different modules You will enjoy learning from videos and activities, including a range of self-marked tasks that apply the learning to the unique needs of your setting.

Participants will receive:

  • Access to the online learning platform to complete the self-guided modules, tasks and activities.
  • A Family Workshop presentation slide deck.
  • A package of supporting resources for delivering Family Workshops
  • Resources to support using the My Family Coach website and journal app.
  • To understand the challenges and opportunities when working with families.   
  • To consider how the Team Teach approach can support families. 
  • To identify next steps for improving accessibility to information in a setting. 
  • To understand opportunities to work with families to identify where My Family Coach resources can support behaviour. 
  • To create a programme of support tailored to meet the needs of a setting.  
  • To enable practitioners to deliver My Family Coach Workshops to parents and carers in their setting. 

This course provides you with practical, interactive training designed to equip you with a toolkit of strategies to use when working with parents and carers, to help them understand and support their child’s behaviour. The training supports family and parental engagement through My Family Coach supporting resources and promotes a shared understanding of behaviour as communication. 

Our online self-guided course allows you to complete your training at a time that suits you. We estimate that you will need approximately 12 hours to complete the training including the tasks in your setting.

You can choose to complete the interactive modules over several days, or in smaller amounts over a longer period of time. We recommend that the training is completed within six weeks to have the greatest impact on your professional practice. 

The training consists of: 

  • Videos to watch 
  • Questions to consider 
  • Activities and quizzes 
  • Tasks to complete 

The tasks we ask you to complete are projects for you to try in your setting. This includes running a Family Workshop for some of your parents and carers and creating a Programme of Support. 

  • Module 1: Understanding Our Context
  • Module 2: My Family Coach
  • Module 3: Communication & Connection
  • Module 4: Task: Accessibility
  • Module 5: Listening & Learning
  • Module 6: Family Workshops
  • Module 7: Task: Family Workshops
  • Module 8: Community & Working Together
  • Module 9: Task: Creating a Programme of Support
  • Module 10: Conclusion

This training is a self-guided online training course allowing you to learn from the comfort of your home or workplace. 

After purchasing the training, you will receive access to our online learning platform. Once you have completed the online modules, you will be directed to a final summary quiz to complete your training.  

For more details or to enrol please call +44 (0) 20 3746 0938 or complete this enquiry form.

My Family Coach

Complementing our Family Engagement Training is the parent/carer website, My Family Coach, that supports families with behaviour strategies and creates stronger links between your setting and home.

My Family Coach is a free website powered by Team Teach.

With My Family Coach, your parents and carers are empowered with the information they need to understand their child’s behaviour. It’s full of helpful support and creates a consistent approach between your setting and home. All our resources are free for your families to enjoy.

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