Creating Positive Cultures at Work | Nancy Hooper

Published On: 11 January 2024

In this episode, Clare talks to Nancy Hooper, Health & Social Care Lead and a principal trainer at Team Teach, about creating positive cultures at work.

She suggests that culture is defined by the experiences and behaviour of staff and caregivers, and discusses the importance of embodying shared values, welcoming different perspectives, and making sure everyone in an organisation feels recognised

for their contributions.

As a behaviour specialist, Nancy has worked in the field of behaviour support for over 25 years globally across a wide range of services for children, young people, and adults. She provides direct support and strategies to staff in education and health and social care settings, through a blend of consultancy, training, and coaching.

Nancy has worked extensively to develop organisations’ understanding of behaviours, and the concept of behaviour as communication, enabling staff teams to enhance their existing practice, and improve the wellbeing of those providing and receiving care.

She also shares three tips during the episode:

Building strong relationships – between staff, between leadership teams and staff, and between professionals and those in their care – is the foundation of cultivating a positive workplace culture.

It’s vital to ensure that people are connected to their ‘why’, and embody their organisation’s values in every aspect of their practice.

Creating positive experiences for staff enables them to feel supported, valued, and important, and allows them to provide the same level of support to those in their care.

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