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The Team Teach podcast lets you listen into conversations with industry experts, discussing every aspect of understanding and supporting behaviour.

It’s a must-listen for professionals working in education and health and social care, helping you feel informed, inspired, and equipped with a range of practical ideas you can use in your setting.

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Supporting Staff Emotional Wellbeing | Dave Smallwood

20 February 2024|

Dave Smallwood, Principal Team Teach trainer, talks to Clare about supporting staff emotional wellbeing at work. They discuss the importance of focusing on our own needs, as well as the needs of those we support, and reflect on how we can take care of each other as professionals. They [...]

Supporting Individuals on Trips | Dave Smallwood

6 February 2024|

Dave Smallwood, a Principal Team Teach trainer, talks to Clare about how to support individuals on off-site trips. They explore the challenges that such occasions can pose, dealing with unforeseen situations, and how to best support individuals when outside of their usual environment. Dave has extensive behaviour support experience. [...]

Reacting Vs Responding to Behaviour | Dave Smallwood

19 January 2024|

In this episode, Clare talks to Dave Smallwood, Principal Team Teach trainer and Director at SENse Training and Consultancy. They discuss the difference between reacting and responding to behaviour, and how the culture and ethos of a setting influence our ability to empathise with and support the individuals in [...]

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