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Becoming a Team Teach Trainer

29 February 2024|

In this webinar, Jonathan Newport speaks of the benefits of becoming a Team Teach Trainer. By becoming a Team Teach trainer you can support the development of a greater team dynamic when supporting individuals who [...]

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How to Create Quick and User-Friendly Behaviour Plans that Actually Work

11 July 2023|

Team Teach trainer, Nancy Hooper, shares ideas for writing behaviour plans that actually work. She explains why an effective plan should be quick and easy to create and use, how to find what works for your setting, and the essential details every behaviour plan should contain. This webinar suitable for [...]

How to Create a Quiet Room that Supports Distressed Individuals

29 March 2023|

In this webinar Mica Coleman Jones, an experienced neurodivergent SEND Leader and Principal Team Teach trainer, shares insights into the benefits of having a quiet room, what to include to make it effective, and how to communicate its use with staff to build consistent practice. We discuss: • What is [...]

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