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Perfect for professionals in education, health, and social care, these webinars provide essential insights, inspiration, and practical ideas to support you with behaviour in your setting.

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Trauma-informed approaches

4 June 2024|

Join experienced Team Teach trainer, Nancy Hooper, as she discusses the importance of a trauma-informed approach and practical ways we can achieve this in our settings. We’ll unpick what we mean by being ‘trauma-informed’ and explore key principles to help us create trauma-aware support. We’ll also be sharing useful [...]

Non-verbal communication: I’m communicating – are you listening?

4 June 2024|

In this webinar with Gary Nicholls, Principal Team Teach trainer, we discuss non-verbal communication and the often subtle signs that can help us with dynamic risk assessment, enabling us to reduce the likelihood of an individual ending up in crisis. We consider: how individuals can communicate their emotions through body [...]

Straight into crisis: Supporting sudden escalations in behaviour

4 June 2024|

In this webinar we're joined by host Dave Smallwood, experienced Principal Team-Teach trainer and behaviour consultant, to discuss behaviour that can seem to appear out of nowhere, because we're not aware of the experiences a child or young person has had leading up to the moment and our interaction with [...]

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